Unknowingly Accepting God's Power - Unforeseen Death

impending death meaning

"Unexpected death" is the term used to describe the meaning of an impending death. One can find that it is by no means an absolute word. To say that something is unexpected is to say that it will come out of nowhere and no one knows when or where it will happen. Unexpected death could be a sudden stroke, or an accidental death, or a sudden illness, or some kind of death which is just completely out of the ordinary, but that does not mean that it is an unexpected death.

Death can happen to anybody at any time of the day or night, at any time of the year, or it can happen anywhere in the world. So, death is never really an unexpected event, as long as you have enough faith in God.

This type of death can affect anybody. It can be an accident, or it can be an ailment, or it can be sudden sickness or a disease. It can be a heart attack, a stroke, cancer, or a heart disease.

The most common meaning of death is to describe the passing away of a person, but it can also mean that it has happened to the soul of a person. This is the spiritual death and so it may be described as "the passing away of our spirit", and is sometimes called the spiritual death.

If death was happening for your soul and you had control over this life, then you would have died and returned to the presence of God. You would not have gone on living and experiencing.

However, as the Bible says, "All human beings are born in sin and come out of the womb innocent". Therefore, all people are not born in sin, but because of Adam's sin the human soul has no control over itself and therefore it goes on living.

This life experience includes death. No matter how far you get in this life, God will always live with you in order for you to continue to do his will. He knows you and knows what you are and will always keep you safe from harm.

If your death had been a spiritual death, then you could continue to live your life experience, enjoying God's blessing and trust in Him, while those who did not have the power to see the future, could be left in the hands of evil, without hope. Evil can only bring pain and sorrow.

In an age of temporary physical death and disease, people are left with their past, although they cannot escape it, for they cannot forget about it. Therefore, they will continue to suffer the consequences of their past, even though they cannot see it.

If a person had had permanent physical death and they were left without hope, then they would have only experienced suffering and pain, and eventually they would have forgotten their life. So, it is an undeserved feeling, an undeserved pain.

This spiritual death can be avoided by faith, which is the belief in God and his power, and the fact that he will always live with you, even if you forget about him. Therefore, you must always remember the reality of his existence.

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